3 comments on “Post Apocalyptic Truimph Herald!

  1. It’s really too bad they’re not 1/24 or 1/25 scale. I would have bought a bunch of them. I almost bought a bunch of Wallace and Grommet Models until I found out they were 1/20 scale.

      •     Here’s a little something I’ve been working on. See attached images. The first 3 pictures are of the Generator Building. I haven’t added the Exhaust yet. The next 7 are a ’65 Chevy that’s been Up Armored. It has a Day/Night Vision Periscope mounted to the roof. It’ll have Video screens mounted to the Dashboard. (Not really as, no one will ever see them.) The decals were made using the SureThing Decal Maker Program, some Images found on the Web and not a drop of Scotch. Some people like to put heavy Weapons on their P.A.V’s. I prefer lightweight Handheld items. That way, your less likely to loose a weapon with your Vehicle, it weighs less and doesn’t look lopsided.

        The Doge will be Up Armored as well. I just hope I can get the same Dirty, Rusty, Bullet holed Finish I managed to get on the Chevy. I did come up with a way to add Laser/Phaser Burns. It can be done permanent by spraying on a light coat of of Flat Clear. The Killer Bee, Vee Wee took some extra work. I had to make better Decals, Cut and Bent Styrene sheet covers the Rear Side windows, more Roll Cage extending to and around the Engine Cradle.

        The Front Bumper is made from Plastruct Tube and looks like Mandibles.

        I omitted the F.S. V.W. Taillights and filled in some holes in the Roof where 2 of the Lights would’ve been mounted. The made better looking Taillights.

        The Screen around the Windows and Engine Cradle is (I think) Black Nylon. I can’t for the life of me remember where I bought it. The Tires are Vintage Revell 2 piece and the Rims are from the Spares Bin. I added and Modified a Hood from the Spares Bin. I made a mount and used Common Pins to mount it.

        Yes the Black Stripes are Painted on.    Thanks,              Mark M..

          Women, can’t live with them… can’t sell them for parts.


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