4 comments on “Exploring the DeathWatch RPG : Introductions and Planetfall

  1. Great post!
    I have started heavily encouraging my son to visit our local games workshop and informed him that if he should need assisstance painting models i’d be prepared to help.
    Desperate times call for desparate measures 😛

  2. where didyou get stats for the Iron Snakes, Lamentors, and Flesh Tearers??? Otherwise a fantastic post. ma have to do something like this the next time my squad takes a mission. Keep it up.

    Iron Priest Gunnarr, Space Wolves

  3. @Steffan

    Thanks for the compliments! Concerning those chapters we used their founding chapters for stats. So for Iron Snakes we used the Ultramarines template and Lamentors and Flesh Tearers used Blood Angels. Maybe some would not consider this a optimum choice but allowed us to add a bit more variety.

  4. Agree totally, the DeathWatch game is fantastic rolling fun. We’re easily 10 sessions in now, and playing with a very stable 5 man kill-team. We have a Dev, Apoth, Tech, Tact and me as Assult Marine.

    I’ve noticed that you need a spread of skills and talents as the game progresses, as the written modules get tough if you try to solve each porblem with a bolter and chainsword.

    I’ve started writing my own short story for the Jerico Reach now too, so our GM can play a marine as well.

    Andrew (Agmundur, Storm Warden)

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