3 comments on “Visions of War! Part 8 : Ogres Update

  1. Nice to see all the units in Tales from the Ogre Kingdoms brought to life. Excellent models, love the standard bearer especially, a real Ming the Merciless meets Genghis Khan thing going on there.

    I do like the names of the characters too, very colourful descriptions.

  2. It’s really cool you picked up on the Mongul flavour. In Warhammer lore Ogres are from a massive mountain range to the West of Cathay, roughly where Mongolia would be.

    I was shocked the other day when someone told me that although based on our world (Empire = Germany, Bretonnia = France, etc etc) the scale of measurement GW used makes their planet about 4 times the size of ours or something to that effect.

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