3 comments on “Visions of War! Part 3 : Imperial Guard

  1. Blimey, I’ve only just finished reading your Ogres blog, and I see you tweeting about *another* new post! Love the custom psykers you’ve put together – the gas masks make me think of Tuscan Raiders!

    Re: tanks – I think the weathering is what really MAKES some models. I’ve been like you and have wanted shiny and new looking models at first – but the more I look at other people’s painted stuff that I admire, the more I realise its the slightly grungy, scuzzy stuff that actually looks the most *real*. The first mini I feel reasonably proud of the weathering on was an Imperial Fist dreadnaught, where I give it some nasty scrapes and scars where you could see the paint stripped back to metal. Was pretty pleased wit that! Then I saw some pics of a guy who’d done something similar but had added incredibly realistic rusting around the scrapes and then I just felt inadequate again!!

    Go scrape that Manticore up!!!

    • Funny you should say that, Zoso. I ordered some Gas mask heads from Westwind for this army. They have some great models, including the obligatory zombie nazis.

      Don’t know anyone thats actually played the system though.

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