4 comments on “Warhammer Fantasy Battle: My first steps into a brave new world.

  1. Nice write-up! I started playing 40k about 18 months ago with a friend… but he and his wife had a baby and so all his tabletop time disappeared.

    I was brainwashed by all the 40k podcasts I listened to into thinking Fantasy was just “filthy squarebasers”! But actually I’m intrigued by having a go, and might have to look into it – though I’m alergic to the ridiculously over-enthusiastic off-putting sales approach of my local GW store so I probably won’t try there.

    Anyway, until then I can live vicariously through your blogging – keep it up! When’s your next game?

    • Yeah, if you can find an independant store that runs games or a local gaming club you’ll probably be in a better environment to play. I am very lucky in the fact that A) most of my best friends also play wargames so I don’t have to put up with too many idiots (something you’ll probably encounter along the way if you try games clubs) and B) located in my town is a really excellent, friendly independant gaming shop with great facilities. Hope it doesn’t sound like I’m boasting too much!

      I know what you mean about the over ethusiastic GW staff. I know some staffers but luckily I knew them before entering their stores so they don’t give me the whole spiel thankfully. It puts a lot of people off, and generally does more harm than good, but the big bosses demand they work that way to make the money, and occasionally I feel sorry for them.

      Right now I don’t know when I’ll be playing my next game. Wednesday night at the local game shop is veteran (18 years and older) gaming night, but tonight I’ll just be going in to glue more ogres together while chatting with my mates. I’ll keep you updated as and when battle commences. I’ll hopefully get some photos up soon as well.

  2. It certainly sounds like you had fun. Did you follow up on your newly found interest or have you gone back to 40K ?

    You made some excellent points in your summary esp. about remembering things and even more so about positioning. I note down all the special rules and magic items on the back of my army list. I order them by phase way (eg. movement, magic, shooting) of all the things I need to remember in each phase. I check them at the start of each phase and it generally prevents me from forgetting my specific unit / magic item / spell rules.

    You’re spot on when you say positioning is vital. It used to be absolutely vital in 7th edition when getting the charge in first was so pivotal for some armies. It’s also important in 8th edition but more so from the perspective of flanking and supporting attacks from other units.

    I hope you have continued with your intereste in WFB.

    All the best,
    http://battlereporter.blogspot.com (my WFB blog)
    http://battlereporter.freeforums.org (my WFB forum)
    http://8thedition.blogspot.com (8th Ed. Battle Reports)

    • Hi Sigmar,

      Unfortunately, I think I burnt myself out of WFB quite quickly. For a while it was all people were playing at the Game Shop and it got a bit much for me. I don’t know if my Ogre army also contributed to it?

      I still have a lot of respect for the game, and can see myself playing again in the not too distant future. But at the moment I am concentrating on my Raptor army and starting to plan out some Blood Bowl events.

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